About WizerWear

WizerWear is the official store of Wizer Training designed for cybersecurity awareness swag! A secure mindset is about building secure habits and reinforcing that mindset throughout our day. The folks at Wizer Training wanted to provide conversation starters to encourage others in our circle to adopt a more secure mindset, too.

Wizer Training's mission is to make security awareness a fundamental life skill for both your employees and their families. We deliver security awareness training and
phishing simulations in a fun and engaging manner. Our short, memorable stories are tailored to accommodate busy lifestyles and short attention spans.

Wizer is trusted by Education sector, local governments, MSPs, Insurance companies, SMBs, and large enterprises to provide effective security awareness training to help everyone learn habits online that can keep us all safer.

Security Awareness Training for your business? Train your employees quickly and easily with our 1-minute training videos that cover everything from phishing and ransomware to GDPR, SOC2, and more. Visit https://wizer-training.com

Wizer Family Hub gives quick Tik-Tok style video tips to help keep everyone - from kids to parents to Grandpa Joe - safer online. Check it out - no registration is needed - https://wizer-training.com/family

We hope everyone learns to #StayWizer online.

Learn more at wizer-training.com